Introducing the brand new AR loudspeaker range from Alchris Audio.

Although a relatively new company to the hi-fi market, our 4 man team at Alchris Audio have a lifetime of experience building and supplying speakers to the home hi-fi listener, with over 40 years designing and building loudspeakers our chief designer has put together a rather splendid hifi speaker range for you to enjoy.

Unlike some manufacturers we are not brand tied which means we can select the best drivers for the job from multiple companies to build the best speakers possible for the price point, drivers from Scanspeak/Dayton Audio/Visaton/HiVi and Vifa feature in our models.

Our crossovers are hand built and tested using high quality Air coil inductors and MKT-A Capacitors and Mundorf resistors, all point to point wired on rigid wood boards, the crossover boards are fitted to the cabinets with flexible EB-25 compound to isolate the board from the main cabinet and thus offering additional vibration protection for the crossover components all drivers are hard wired we don’t use push fit terminal tabs on any of our products so contact always remains at its best.

Our cabinets are all CNC machine cut in 18mm MDF and are assembled and veneered in real wood veneer in our workshops, the quality is built in to each and every cabinet as they all feature our unique OPLS cabinet system, OPLS is the Optimal Panel Loading System which identifies areas of the internal cabinet panel that need mass damping to tune the cabinet to match the performance of the installed drivers so they always give the best performance possible in each enclosure

There are 8 models in the brand new AR range, from the AR-1c centre speaker right up to the Flagship AR-66 home monitor speakers we believe there is a model to suit everyone, we use various types of bass loading in the range and have chosen to do this as it makes the range more suitable to different tastes, sealed/reflex ported/ABR/and our very own ACTS (Acoustic chamber tuning system) system to get the very best performance from the bass driver installed.

All models in the range come with magnetic covers as standard, the covers also have a very neat other purpose as they can be stored on the side of the cabinet when they are removed from the front of the speaker, this also helps with baffle diffraction and gives a better stereo image when the covers are installed on the inside of the sound stage, see instructions for details of setup, 2 real wood veneer types are available Walnut and Oak, we can do almost any type of veneer on request but these will have to be special orders and made to order for each pair, larger floorstanding models come with their own isolation platforms or outriggers which are adjustable to a maximum of 10mm on each foot, and are sprung and damped for the very best room isolation this makes installation and levelling very easy to do to get the speakers setup very quickly.

All the speakers in our range require minimal running in period, within 20 hours you should be at optimum performance, this is partly due to the extensive testing and listening tests each model goes through before it finally has the Alchris Audio badge attached to the cabinet, only when I am satisfied that the speaker meets the required standard do I attach the badge, low volume production and hand built quality ensures everything is as it should be before the speakers move onto the final packing stage and off to the customer, larger floor standing models are personally delivered and setup in your home for true piece of mind and hassle free setup.

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